Wallquest's Environmental Policy

As one of the largest and most innovative wallpaper manufacturers in the world, Wallquest Inc. have recognized the importance of decreasing its carbon footprint.

Wallquest takes an environmentally friendly approach toward wallpaper production. Our wallpaper collections are printed on paper from well-managed, renewable forests or recycled sources, using water-based inks. No excess ink or waste water is released into the public water system during the production process. All residual water and ink is thoroughly filtered by a third-party firm before it is returned to the environment.

In 2008 Wallquest introduced the Eco Chic™ wallpapers. Eco Chic™ papers are designed to have as little impact on our shared eco-system as possible. The process begins with selecting our sources of paper from suppliers who use only pulp from well-managed renewable resource forests or recycled resources.

As of June 2010 Wallquest is using only paper from FSC® Certified sources for our wallpaper collections. This paper is sourced from suppliers who use only pulp from FSC Certified sources. See the FSC website for more information about the FSC mark and our certification.

Please look for these logos when choosing an environmentally friendly design from Wallquest.